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Setting up a bar is easy with a range of convenient equipment available, from draft beer towers to kegerators, wine dispensers, icemakers, and bottled water dispensers. There is also a variety of accessories to keep your bar buzzing.

Draft Beer Towers are a cool addition to your bar. They not only do the job of dispensing beer, but also look classy and add to your décor.

They make dispensing beer a breeze with the various options available. You can get anything from a single tap to six taps depending on the size of your bar, and even if you expand, you have the flexibility to add more.


Here are some choices available:• Insulated towers make it a pleasure to serve ice-cold beer from your kegerator or your bar counter.• They come in various shapes, styles, and finishes.• You can serve more than one beer at a time, thanks to the flexibility of being able to install more than one tap.• The tower kit comes with the faucet head and beer line, assembled. Remember to get a faucet handle and screws to mount it easily.• Commercial models come with the tap handle so that you can start pouring right away.• You can find branded tap handles so you can enjoy serving your favorite beer.


It is relatively simple to explore draft beer tower models and order one online. You can also turn your regular beer dispenser into a kegerator for a party with a branded ice-filled tube that does not need electricity to operate.

If you are a restaurant owner you might want to consider adding accessories, such as the bottled water dispenser system which can be attached to your water faucets, ice maker, refrigerator and other portable systems and gives you ice-cold pints.